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Monday, July 22, 2013

Taco Palenque after Dark

  Like many fellow Laredoans, I always like to get me some Taco Palenque. For taste and speed of service, you just can't beat that place. Sure, their prices might be getting a bit out of control, but overall, I sure like to enjoy me some fajita tacos from there, especially after kicking back a few Schlitz.

However, lately, it sure has been a bit dangerous hanging out at Taco Palenque @San Bernardo. The intoxicated and rowdy crowd tends to congregate there after hours and I have seen my share of shenanigans going down at this place. So if you are there after 2 AM beware. It's actually sad to see some of the tragic things that happen at Taco Palenque after dark. There is never a shortage of drama, fights and drunken brawls. Below are two quick videos I found after doing a basic Taco Palenque Laredo, TX search.

This gets me thinking next time I have a few too many beers, I'll try to avoid the Taco Palenque, or it might just be me next time that is being filmed in a grueso frenzy.

Tell us your stories of Taco Palenque after dark. We love to hear from our readers. Comment below.

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